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"Hey Kentucky! featuring Mary Jo and Perrin!!!" (Friday's Full Episode)

Posted: 6:22 PM, Oct 25, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-25 18:22:55-04
Clips from today's show! (Friday, October 25th)
Friday Headlines! 10-25-19
Friday Headlines!* 10-25-19
Mary Jo's Five Friday Football Facts! 10-25-19
Do We Care?! 10-25-19
Do We Care?!* 10-25-19
Friday Wrap-up! 10-25-19

Former Wildcat, WENYEN GABRIEL has now responded to the controversy surrounding LEAKED MESSAGES of him talking to a former UK recruiting prospect.. Greg Stumbo tries to distance himself from a possible endorsement from former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.. and Hey Kentucky! intern Maggie Davis is in a recent ESPN commercial!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, It's Friday, so it's time for Drew's Five Friday Football Facts! for UK's matchup against Missouri tomorrow... BUT since MJ is a Mizzou grad, she's taking over this week so Drew can spend more time at home with his ghost doing puzzles. WATCH!