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"Hey Kentucky! featuring Les Fugate!!!" (Monday's Full Episode)

Posted: 5:55 PM, Sep 30, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-30 17:55:07-04
Hey Kentucky! 09-30-19
Monday Headlines! 09-30-19
Monday Headlines!* 09-30-19
John Tilley Interview! 09-30-19
Fill in the Blank! 09-30-19
Monday Wrap-up! 09-30-19

TONIGHT! Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath trade barbs over the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.. a new lawsuit claims KY's state laws on ambulances are pushing out the competition.. and a State Representative is arrested for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation.

Secretary of Justice and Public Safety John Tilley stops by to talk to Mary Jo about KY's overcrowded prison system and the drug epidemic that has made it worse.