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"Hey Kentucky! featuring Chip Cosby!!!" (Tuesday's Full Episode)

Mary Jo and Chip on Hey Kentucky! 08-20-19
Posted at 6:26 PM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 18:26:43-04
Hey Kentucky! 08-20-19
Tuesday Headlines! 08-20-19
Best of Brews Festival! 08-20-19
Do We Care?! 08-20-19
Tuesday Wrap-up! 08-20-19

TONIGHT! A Danville teacher is in hot water only a week into the school year.. the KY State Fair changes their rules after a shooter hoax.. and Mark Stoops gets another Double Yahtzee!!!

Plus, the Best Brews in Kentucky were all available at the Best of Brews Festival in Lexington, and we sent Ryan to try them ALL... we might have made a mistake.