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"Hey Kentucky! featuring Chip Cosby!!!" (Friday's Full Episode)

Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-20 18:36:43-04
Hey Kentucky! 09-20-19
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Miss. State Preview! 09-20-19
Fill in the Blank! 09-20-19
Friday Wrap-up! 09-20-19

TONIGHT! Kash Daniel will play in Saturday's game against Mississippi State, despite this week's controversy.. A KY Judge rules that parts of the state's Speed Limit laws are unconstitutional.. and KY residents are being told to get passports if they plan on making domestic flights soon.

Plus, Austin Macginnis joins us to talk about tomorrow's game against Mississippi State and about the pressure behind making kicks when the game is on the line like last week's Florida game.