Friday, March 23, 2018


[youtube] Matt and Lee look at the state of the NCAA tournament that will forever hold the record for most shredded brackets in college basketball.

UK’s NCAA Seeding

[youtube] Matt and Goose go into detail about UK's seeding and what that means for them going into the tournament.

SEC Tournament Breakdown

[youtube] Matt and Lee break down the upcoming SEC Tournament and see how they think the Cats will fare at the beginning of post-season.

UK Cheerleaders Head to the Winter Games!

[youtube] Hey Kentucky! Intern, Maggie Davis visits the UK Cheerleading team before they head to Pyeongchang to represent the U.S. at the Winter Games.


[youtube] Matt and Jeremy talk Zion Williamson's upcoming announcement tomorrow and what it would mean for the Cats if he comes to UK, but who are we kidding. He's going to Clemson...

Hey Kentucky’s UK Women’s Basketball Season Preview

On tonight's episode, we send our intern Maggie Davis to catch up with this year's UK women's basketball team. What does this team have in store for the season? Check it out!

Tyler Herro Announcement Interview!!!

We preview tonight's game against Kansas, who are favored to win. Do we think the Cats overcome the odds? CHECK IT OUT!


Matt and Jeremy preview Saturday's U.K. game against the Tennessee Vols. CHECK IT OUT!

Matt and Drew Travel Back to the 90s

Matt and Drew discovered an old Hey Kentucky from the 1990s talking about Pitino's time at UK. Check it out as we take a walk down memory lane with this retrospective.

Diallo’s Triumphant Return

The clock almost struck midnight as Hamidou Diallo's decision loomed over the Commonwealth, but the star recruit will, in fact, return to Kentucky. Matt and Chip discuss what this means for the Cats in the upcoming season.


Matt Breaks Down Hoover Resignation

[youtube] Matt Jones breaks down Former Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover's resignation speech and what his departure from the Speaker position means for...

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