Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hey Kentucky QB Camp Featuring Jared Lorenzen

We got John Gruden on today's episode, can you believe it?! He's joined in our Hey Kentucky QB Camp by former Wildcat and NFL QB, Jared Lorenzen to go over this year's draft picks.

Rebecca Sanders Takes on the Lexington Roller Derby

We sent newly minted Hey Kentucky Correspondent, Rebecca Sanders to look into becoming a new recruit for the Roller Girls of Centrals Kentucky's Roller Derby team. Meet "Becca Break Yo Legs".

Dodge, “Ducker”, Dip, Dive, and Dodge – U.K. Dodgeball with Alan Ducker

Alan Ducker stops by for U.K. to watch the College Dodgeball championship.

Matt Takes on an SNL Sketch Lampooning Bluegrass Voters

This weekend, an SNL sketch based in Kentucky lampooned Trump supporters undying support for the President, but the premise of the sketch reveals a key issue about elitist attitudes towards Trump supporters that led to his winning the Presidency. Matt...

Vintage Baseball with Drew Franklin

Drew finds a Baseball team that likes their game the old fashioned way (circa. 1800's), and just so you know, that means NO GLOVES!!! OUCH!

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right”

It's time for another round of "Swipe Left/Swipe Right", so Matt and Chris sort through a host of potential new friends.

True Blue Connection

Lex 18's Nancy Cox joins Matt in the studio to talk about a special boy who's got a special place in the hearts of UK Senior Derek Willis and his fiance.

Trump in Louisville with the New Circle Circular

The New Circle Circular guys went to Louisville to see Donald Trump on his recent visit and sat down with a spokesperson for Senator Rand Paul to talk about the American Healthcare Act.

Drew Franklin’s Gone Viral

Matt brings in Drew Franklin to discuss the unexpected stardom that came from a video he took during a game of the Witchita State Coach's wife.

Bracket Week: Celebrity Alumni

We're continuing with Bracket Week here on Hey Kentucky! For today's bracket, we're taking the Southern region of the NCAA bracket and putting those universities most famous alumni against each other to see who comes out on top.


Coach John Calipari Q & A

Coach John Calipari sat down for a 30 minute Q & A session at the Great Louisville UK Alumni Club's 2016 Wildcat Tippoff Luncheon...