Friday, May 25, 2018

Lexington Mayoral Race: Matt breaks it down

</ifr The Lexington Mayoral race is shaping up to be a close one. We sit down with Ronnie Bastin, Linda Gorton, Kevin Stinnett, Teresa Isaac and Ike Lawrence to find out where they stand on the most important issues. Who...


</ifr What are the HOTTEST RACES to watch in the KY Primaries? Matt breaks it down for you. CHECK IT OUT!

Congressman Andy Barr Interview

</ifr Representative Andy Barr sits down with Lee Cruse for his first ever appearance on Hey Kentucky.

HK! Debate Breakdown

</ifr Matt and Lee breakdown the highlights for the Hey Kentucky Democratic Primary debate as well as the most dramatic moment of the debate.

The Hey Kentucky 6th Congressional District Democratic Primary Debate (04-18-18)

</ifr Here is the full Hey Kentucky 6th Congressional District Democratic Primary Debate from Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

Inside Trump’s Legal Drama

</ifr Steve Romines joins Matt to give a defense attorney's take on what the raid of Michael Cohen's office means for President Trump's legal drama.

Matt Talks Latest on BUDGET BILL

[youtube] LAST NIGHT, the KY Legislature passed the most sweeping changes to Kentucky's tax code in 20 years. Matt will break down what you need to know and what this means for Kentuckians moving forward.

Hey Kentucky Talks School Issues

[youtube] On tonight's episode of Hey Kentucky, Matt and Josh discuss the recent school-related issues in the Commonwealth and across the country. They'll talk today's teacher protests, the continued issues with the pension plan and the possibility of arming...

“What Is Going On?” – Matt Explains Current Events

Matt breaks down "What Is Going On?" with the investigation into Donald Trump's ties to Russia and tries to help you make sense of it all.


HK! Casting Call ROUND 2 – ep.8

Tonight on Round 2 of the Hey Kentucky Casting Call, Jamie goes up against a newcomer named Matthew... Who will advance? Who will be...

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