Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Matt and Drew Travel Back to the 90s

Matt and Drew discovered an old Hey Kentucky from the 1990s talking about Pitino's time at UK. Check it out as we take a walk down memory lane with this retrospective.

The Great American Brass Band Festival with Rebecca Sanders

Hey Kentucky correspondent, Rebecca Sanders heads to Danville for the Great American Brass Band Festival.

“Mystery Mustache Game” – with the Man of the Moustache himself

Since we have a true "Moustache Aficionado" in the studio today, we asked Lee and Cutler look at a series of mustaches and try to decide who they belong too.

Emoji Headlines

We're playing a new game on today's episode, "Emoji Headlines". We'll take some recent headlines, rewrite them as emoji text, and see if our hosts can recognize them.

“Behind the News” – You May Now Move Scorpions About the Cabin

We're trying something different on today's episode of Hey Kentucky. Matt is going "Behind the News" to find the juiciest bits for our viewer's enjoyment. It's a lighter look at some of the week's headlines in the style of...

Fun with Auto Correct

It's time for Fun With Auto-Correct! Watch as Matt and Chip try and decipher auto-corrected versions of NCAA teams.

[Redacted] Tweets

Matt and Mary Jo go through Redacted Tweets about some people you may know. Try and guess whose tweeting about who on tonight's edition of " Tweets".

“Swipe Left/Swipe Right”

Matt and Drew play "Swipe Left/Right" on some of our favorite newsmakers. Would you swipe right on the world's fastest snapper? See what Matt and Drew have to say about it.

Hey Kentucky, the Bachelor (part 3)

_informq.push(); This episode plays in two parts. The second will play after a short commercial. Matt continues his search for true love on tonight's episode of Hey Kentucky, and we'll just leave it at that and let you see it for...

Hey Kentucky, the Bachelor (Outtakes)

We've been hard at work trying to find Matt's true love, and we wanted to share some behind the scenes bloopers of our efforts. Please Enjoy!


Former Boyle County Star Suing NCAA & PAC-12

Former Boyle County star and former Mr. Football Lamar Dawson is suing the NCAA and the PAC-12 claiming he and other players should have...

Headlines: November 28th, 2016