Friday, June 23, 2017


Matt interviews Katina Powell, the former escort who originally broke the story of the Louisville basketball team sex scandal. Matt talks with her about life after she came forward, what she thinks of the NCAA's ruling, and Matt asks...

Ricky Jones at the Muhammad Ali Center

Ricky Jones Interviews the Director of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

Matt Interviews Jeff Hoover, the Kentucky Speaker of the House

Matt interviews Kentucky Speaker of the House, Jeff Hoover. They'll talk Kentucky politics, General Assembly, and the shooting that took place in Virginia this morning.

Matt Talks with Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006

Matt Interviews Former Miss U.S.A., Tara Conner. They'll talk about her struggles with addiction and her interactions with President Trump.

Matt Interviews Greg Stumbo, Former Kentucky Speaker of the House

Matt talks with former Speaker of the House, Greg Stumbo, and you heard it here first that Stumbo may be considering giving Bevin a run for his money in the next Gubernatorial election.

Matt and Ricky Talk College Protesting

Matt and Ricky discuss the latest trend in college protests, with students walking out on and ignoring speakers that are closely associated with the President.

Matt Talks Justified with a Harlan Native

Matt talks about how to Crow from Harlan County's "Crow in the Morning Show" about the hit show "Justified," and how it portrays Harlan

Matt Interviews Former Governor Steve Beshear

Matt sits down with former Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear. They talk about his new book, "People over Politics," which is out Friday. They also talk about health care in the state, how Beshear's views on same-sex marriage have evolved...


Changes To Big Blue Madness Tent City

UK Basketball fans who made their annual pilgrimage across the Avenue of Champions to find a spot to camp out for Big Blue Madness...

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