On tonight’s episode, Matt is joined in the studio by Lee Cruse. They’ll talk tonight’s headlines, including a heated message from KY Congressman, James Comer and UK’s upcoming game against Tennessee.

Plus, we air the last of the fourth round of the Hey Kentucky Casting Call with Monteia’s piece on the Kentucky Pension crisis.


  1. Matt Jones’ story about Constables and how eliminating them would save the State money from the budget, begs the question of; how much do the Constables cost the state budget?

    The answer is ZERO dollars. Constables are the only county office that is truly a fee for service office. Constable Offices are funded solely by the fees they collect for the services they perform. The defendant pays the Constable fee in criminal cases and the citizen filing a law suit pays the Constable fee in civil cases. So a better question concerning the State budget would be; with all the cuts that have to be made, why would you cut a position that costs taxpayers ZERO dollars?

    Although it is true that Constables are not required to be trained, that doesn’t mean that Constables don’t receive training. The fact is that NO elected official is REQUIRED to be trained because their qualifications are set out in the Constitution. No training required for Sheriffs, Coroners, Jailers, Mayors, County Judge Executives, Magistrates, etc. The real question is why are Constables the only county official that isn’t offered a training incentive to complete training? Sheriffs, Coroners, Jailers, County Judge Executives, Magistrates, etc all receive a training incentive to attend annual training. The incentive currently is almost $1,000 for the first year in office and almost $4,000 every year after 3 years.

    There is also a simple answer to the question of why the General Assembly continues to take no action against Constables, and it is not because Constables carry guns. The reason is that members of the General Assembly are citizens from every County in the Commonwealth and they understand the usefulness of Constables and the real benefit they provide to the Commonwealth!