On tonight’s episode, Matt and Mary Jo discuss Kentucky’s looming pension crisis, and a former LEX 18 reporter is speaking out about body shaming.


  1. Hey Matt;

    I like every one am very disgusted about the pension crisis in Ky.

    Why is all our state Lottery money going to colleges. All of it should be for k-12. Since the start of our lottery the state has given $2.690,865,342.00 to colleges and university’s in Kentucky. A lot of these are church affilated. The church and state are suppost to be seperate.

    Bevin really did it when he called some people stupid. Matt I agree I would love to go into a debate with Bevin. The Lottery would go for the Teachers and Schools. K-12.

  2. Matt – Please look into the recent proposed 2500 acre Blue Grass Station Expansion in Bourbon County. They are threatening to forcibly buy people’s land in order to build a landing strip for the enormous military airplanes. There was a meeting today in Clintonville to oppose this plan. It’s very scetchy and has been done in secrecy. Lockheed Martin, who currently runs Blue Grass Station has received massive tax exemption while promising lots of jobs. While they have provided jobs, there have also been massive layoffs. Bourbon Country is reknown for Horses and Tourism and this project is definitely not supported by those two industries. There is a meeting at the Bourbon County Court House this coming Thursday at 6:30. I encourge you to send someone out to attend this meeting.
    Sincerely, Braxton Lynch
    Royal Oak Farm – Bourbon County KY