On tonight’s episode, Matt and Mary Jo discuss Kentucky’s looming pension crisis, and a former LEX 18 reporter is speaking out about body shaming.


  1. Hello Matt;
    I just wanted to commend you on how your report on the pension crises was on point. I’m sure the viewing public who aren’t directly affected by the issue have a better understanding.

    Myself, I am a retiree of 13 years. The recommendation of reducing my benefit by the cost of living increases since then would be dramatic and very impactful and is a source of stress. Should I have known that the legislators would allow our retirement systems to get in such unfunded status I certainly would have made different retirement choices.

    While the governor should be commended on mostly funding the ARC it is obvious that only new revenues or borrowing is going to get the systems on solid ground without cutting benefits. The governor and republican lawmakers seem very reluctant to do either. I can only hope that everyone can understand that funds misdirected by lawmakers in the past should be replaced no matter how without penalizing the retirees. Should a private employer withhold or not make their legally required deposits similar to the previous and some current law makers they would find themselves appropriately in jail.

    Again, thanks for framing it for the public. I watch every show and am a big fan.