Matt goes IN DEPTH on the pension crisis in Kentucky, and the controversial proposal by a group hired by Governor Bevin to solve the issue.


  1. Could you guys comment on this: There is an article by the Bluegrass Institute that every state employee needs to read which sheds a much-needed light on how part-time politicians collect $40,000 legislative salaries but retire with six-and-seven-figure publicly funded, but secretly maintained, pensions.

    2016 article:
    Bluegrass Beacon: House leaders double down on pension secrecy.

    Also, this article:
    Future Shock:Kentucky Politicians’ Opulent Pensions Have Become A Modern-Day Gold Rush ©2012 The Bluegrass Institute

  2. Why should the working person be penalized because someone used our money to line their own pockets. If you want to make cuts start with medicaid fraud and people runNing to emergency rooms and calling ambulances for a cold or hang nail. You politicians are afraid of lowing a vote if you go after the abusing in the system there’s enough waste in medicaid and SSI to fund the pensions for 20 yrs.