Matt and Steve take some of your best questions in a segment of, “Ask A Lawyer”.


  1. I was trying to find the place where Matt would give me an answer on a legal matter for “” but couldn’t find it. I never got an answer from a request to the Attorney Generals office for me selling a building in Versailles in 2008. Woodford Tax adm contacted me in March 2015 that I owed taxes on a building I sold in Feb. 2008. The tax assessment was updated on July 8, 2008. That is 7 years and 1 month after property sold. I did receive a call from AG office and they said they were not going to give me an opinion, BUT if they did it would not be in my favor. LOL This cost me over $7,000. Thanks for reading this and if you want to talk to me about this my cell is 859-619-3999